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COAST aims to advance Dutch excellence in its topsectors by providing pivotal analytical knowledge and instruments based on fundamental science and by ensuring transfer of analytical expertise between application areas. COAST plans to achieve this by securing and improving Dutch expertise in analytical science and technologies.

COAST's mission is to strengthen analytical science in the Netherlands by uniting R&D, human capital and infrastructure:

  • To advance R&D and innovation in analytical technologies and encourage cross-fertilization between analytical technologies and application areas (see also position photo with COAST focus);
  • To improve education in analytical science and to increase the number of graduates;
  • To provide access to research facilities and knowledge for players within and across application areas

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By putting these pieces together, COAST aims to promote analytical science as a valuable economic activity in its own right and as a catalyst for innovation and economic value in its application areas. COAST has tailored its Strategic Agenda to meet these challenges.

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COAST Strategic Agenda