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Analytical science plays a crucial role in economic and societal dynamics in the Netherlands. Positioned between fundamental sciences and final application, analytical science is at the heart of innovation. By uniting technology and application under a shared focus, innovation in analytical science will greatly benefit the topsectors* – defined by the Dutch government – and many other fields besides.

Analytical science

  • coast vision analytical scienceProvides the technological basis for innovations in existing application areas, most notably the topsectors defined by the Dutch government;
  • Creates new fields of innovation by connecting various application areas;
  • Brings disparate fields and disciplines together by sharing experiences, techniques and instruments, leading to cross-fertilization between those fields and disciplines;
  • Creates inherent economic value through research, instrument development and commercial analytical services;
  • Helps to address important social issues, such as security, (waste) water management, food safety, health and sustainability by providing fit-for-purpose measurement technologies.

Improvements in the chemical, spatial and temporal resolution of analytical instruments, combined with miniaturization of those instruments, will make analytical science even more socially relevant. It will enable detailed studies of chemical, physical and biological phenomena – leading to revolutionary insights into their workings – and accurate, personalized analysis of health and safety at home, in the working environment, and in the public domain.

With such strong foundations in place, ambitious and talented students will choose to study analytical science, providing The Netherlands with a continuous flow of leading researchers and professionals.

In an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, The Netherlands is home to a flourishing, state-of-the-art analytical instrument industry. This industry builds on excellent fundamental research with a clear eye on its eventual valorization.

* Topsectors: life sciences, high-tech materials and systems, agro-food, water, energy, horticulture, chemistry, creative industry and logistics.