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pdf Course Overview L3 HBO+ 2018-2019
pdf Course Overview L3 MSc+ 2017-2019

  Course   Level   Given By   Duration  

Dates(s) y-m-d

  Location   Info
  Molecular Imaging by Optical Microscopy    HBO+   Freek Ariese   2 days   2018-07-05 - 2018-07-06   VU Amsterdam1   PDF
  Molecular Profiling by Mass Spectrometry    HBO+   Thomas Hankemeier and Isabelle Kohler    2 days   2018-07-10 - 2018-07-11   Leiden University   PDF
  Separation Methods - Gas Chromatography (GC)   HBO+   Dr J Blomberg    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Introduction to GC; Plate heights and Van Deemter curves; Method development; 2D-GC    
  Process Analytical Technology   HBO+   Dr. H.J. van Manen    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen     pdf
  Subjects Covered: Process Analysis   
  Multimodal Molecular Imaging   MSc+   Prof. R. Heeren   1 day   2017-03-25   Maastricht   pdf
  Subjects Covered: The basics of Multimodal Molecular Imaging  
  Advances in column and microfluidic chip technology for LC   HBO+   Prof. S. Eeltink    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen   pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Intro. to LC miniaturization, drivers for LC miniaturization    
  Summer course:
Multi-dimensional chromatography
  MSc+/ PhD   Prof. Dr. P. Schoenmakers, e.a.   5 days   2017-07-10/14   Amsterdam   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Ins and outs of dimensional chromatography  
  Summer course:
  HBO+   Dr J. Jansen, e.a.   5 days   2017-08-21/25   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Data pre-processing, vizualisation, applications in analytical chemistry  
  Summer course:
X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  MSc+/ PhD   Dr. Bruno Vrebos (PANalytica)   5 days   2017-08-21/25   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Principles and practice of X-ray fluorescence analysis  
  NMR-MRI   MSc+   Prof. Dr. J. van Duynhoven   1 day   2017-05-20   Wageningen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Application of Magnetic Resonance in Food and Nutrition  
  Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals   MSc+   Prof G. W. Somsen, E. D. Vega, R. Haselberg   1 day   2017-04-22   Amsterdam   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Mass spectrometry analysis of pharmaceutical proteins  
  Separation methods: Liquid Chromatography   HBO+   Prof. P.J. Schoenmakers    1 day   2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Principles, various types of LC, detectors, method development  
  Biosensing and Diagnostics   HBO+   Prof Michel Nielen    1 day    2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Basics, surface plasmon resonance, strip test analysis, multiplex biosensing  
  Polymer Analysis   HBO+   Ard Kolkman    1 day   2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Polymer Analysis and NMR  
  Water: Sewage Epidemiology   HBO+    Prof P de Voogt et al.    1 day    2017-01-14   Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Sewage epidemiology principles, Target and non-target screening, Determination of illicit drugs  
  Lab-on-a-chip: Principles and Applications   HBO+   Prof. Dr. E.M.J. Verpoorte & Prof. Dr. J.G.E. Gardeniers    1 day    2017-04-08   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Introduction, microfabrication in silicon, glass and polymers, LC and detection on a chip   
  Chemometrics   MSc+   Dr. Jeroen Jansen   1 day    2017-02-25   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Basics of Chemometrics  
  Analysis of Cultural Heritage Objects   HBO+   Prof. van Bommel, Dr. Stols-Witlox, Dr Keune    1 day    2017-01    Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Analysis of Oil paints, Glass deterioration, Dyes and Pigment. Synchrotron studies    
  Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy   HBO+   Dr F. Ariese    1 day   2017-01-14   Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Intro. to spectroscopy, properties of light, infrared and Raman spectroscopies, applications    
  Separation Methods: Capillary Electrophoresis   HBO+   Prof G Somsen    1 day   2017-04-08   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Fundamentals, experimental set-up and applications  
  Chromametrics   MSc+   Dr. Gabriel Vivó Truyols
  1 day   2018-01-expected   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Expanding the possibilities of chemometrics in the chromatographic domain.    
  Advances in Liquid-phase Separation Techniques for Metabolomics
  MSc+   Dr. Rawi Ramautar   1 day   2018-05-expected   Leiden    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Overview of the main principles governing modern liquid-phase separation techniques hyphenated to high-end MS instruments.    
  Bioactivity Screening   MSc+   Dr. Jeroen Kool
  1 day   2018-06-expected   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: The potential of modern analytical and biological screening techniques used in bioactivity screening of proteins will be discussed.  
  Enzymology and Immunology in Clinical Chemistry
  MSc+   Dr. Henk Lingeman    1 day   2017-06-17   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: The basic principles and the applications of Enzymology and Immunology in Clinical Chemistry will be discussed and related to their diagnostic purpose.  
  BioMarker Day   MSc+   Prof. Dr. Rainer Bischoff 
  1 day   2017-01 expected   Groningen    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Biomarker R&D, data processing and statistical analysis, protein identification by MS/Ms  

Life Long Learning (L3)

life long learning anac phdScience and Technology in Analysis progress fast. Therefore, it is important for professionals in analytical science and technology to keep their knowledge up to date. COAST offers trainings in various analytical fields at various levels that allow professionals to expand their knowledge.

Courses from three programs are available for COAST participants' employees. The courses offered are designed for the best students in Analytical Sciences who follow these courses on top of their regular education. Thus they are particularly fit for people who have been working in analytical sciences for a while already.

See 'Courses on Offer' below this page.

ASTP program

The program is designed for selected talented and motivated professional bachelor students at HLO (Hoger Laboratorium Onderwijs). The program for these students starts after their first year and proceeds until their HLO graduation. As a consequence the program offers courses that are suitable for employees at HLO(+) level who wish to broaden their knowledge towards specific analytical techniques. The courses in this program may also be used by HLO-teachers who wich to update their knowledge of specific techniques or acquire knowledge of applications.

MSc+ program

This is the program for selected talented and motivated MSc students in Analytical Sciences. The lecture part of the training is also offered to employees at HLO(+) level who wish to upgrade their training level either by integrally following the program during a period of two years or by following selected courses. Another target group is PhD students who need an introduction to a certain technique or wish to broaden their general knowledge of analytical science of technology.

PhD education program

Offers specialist training at the highest level. The courses are made for PhD students in the relevant field. They are therefore also fit for senior specialists in research environments.

Overview of L3 courses

The table below lists the courses currently on offer. In many cases two prices are listed; the second is the price specially negotiated for COAST participants. To sign up for a course please contact us here.