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pdf Course Overview L3 HBO+ 2018-2019
pdf Course Overview L3 MSc+ 2017-2019

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  Molecular Imaging by Optical Microscopy    HBO+   Freek Ariese   2 days   2018-07-05 - 2018-07-06   VU Amsterdam1   PDF
  Molecular Profiling by Mass Spectrometry    HBO+   Thomas Hankemeier and Isabelle Kohler    2 days   2018-07-10 - 2018-07-11   Leiden University   PDF
  Separation Methods - Gas Chromatography (GC)   HBO+   Dr J Blomberg    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Introduction to GC; Plate heights and Van Deemter curves; Method development; 2D-GC    
  Process Analytical Technology   HBO+   Dr. H.J. van Manen    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen     pdf
  Subjects Covered: Process Analysis   
  Multimodal Molecular Imaging   MSc+   Prof. R. Heeren   1 day   2017-03-25   Maastricht   pdf
  Subjects Covered: The basics of Multimodal Molecular Imaging  
  Advances in column and microfluidic chip technology for LC   HBO+   Prof. S. Eeltink    1 day    2017-03-11   Nijmegen   pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Intro. to LC miniaturization, drivers for LC miniaturization    
  Summer course:
Multi-dimensional chromatography
  MSc+/ PhD   Prof. Dr. P. Schoenmakers, e.a.   5 days   2017-07-10/14   Amsterdam   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Ins and outs of dimensional chromatography  
  Summer course:
  HBO+   Dr J. Jansen, e.a.   5 days   2017-08-21/25   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Data pre-processing, vizualisation, applications in analytical chemistry  
  Summer course:
X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  MSc+/ PhD   Dr. Bruno Vrebos (PANalytica)   5 days   2017-08-21/25   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Principles and practice of X-ray fluorescence analysis  
  NMR-MRI   MSc+   Prof. Dr. J. van Duynhoven   1 day   2017-05-20   Wageningen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Application of Magnetic Resonance in Food and Nutrition  
  Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals   MSc+   Prof G. W. Somsen, E. D. Vega, R. Haselberg   1 day   2017-04-22   Amsterdam   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Mass spectrometry analysis of pharmaceutical proteins  
  Separation methods: Liquid Chromatography   HBO+   Prof. P.J. Schoenmakers    1 day   2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Principles, various types of LC, detectors, method development  
  Biosensing and Diagnostics   HBO+   Prof Michel Nielen    1 day    2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Basics, surface plasmon resonance, strip test analysis, multiplex biosensing  
  Polymer Analysis   HBO+   Ard Kolkman    1 day   2017-02-11   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Polymer Analysis and NMR  
  Water: Sewage Epidemiology   HBO+    Prof P de Voogt et al.    1 day    2017-01-14   Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Sewage epidemiology principles, Target and non-target screening, Determination of illicit drugs  
  Lab-on-a-chip: Principles and Applications   HBO+   Prof. Dr. E.M.J. Verpoorte & Prof. Dr. J.G.E. Gardeniers    1 day    2017-04-08   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Introduction, microfabrication in silicon, glass and polymers, LC and detection on a chip   
  Chemometrics   MSc+   Dr. Jeroen Jansen   1 day    2017-02-25   Nijmegen    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Basics of Chemometrics  
  Analysis of Cultural Heritage Objects   HBO+   Prof. van Bommel, Dr. Stols-Witlox, Dr Keune    1 day    2017-01    Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Analysis of Oil paints, Glass deterioration, Dyes and Pigment. Synchrotron studies    
  Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy   HBO+   Dr F. Ariese    1 day   2017-01-14   Amsterdam    pdf 
  Subjects Covered: Intro. to spectroscopy, properties of light, infrared and Raman spectroscopies, applications    
  Separation Methods: Capillary Electrophoresis   HBO+   Prof G Somsen    1 day   2017-04-08   Nijmegen   pdf
  Subjects Covered: Fundamentals, experimental set-up and applications  
  Chromametrics   MSc+   Dr. Gabriel Vivó Truyols
  1 day   2018-01-expected   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Expanding the possibilities of chemometrics in the chromatographic domain.    
  Advances in Liquid-phase Separation Techniques for Metabolomics
  MSc+   Dr. Rawi Ramautar   1 day   2018-05-expected   Leiden    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Overview of the main principles governing modern liquid-phase separation techniques hyphenated to high-end MS instruments.    
  Bioactivity Screening   MSc+   Dr. Jeroen Kool
  1 day   2018-06-expected   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: The potential of modern analytical and biological screening techniques used in bioactivity screening of proteins will be discussed.  
  Enzymology and Immunology in Clinical Chemistry
  MSc+   Dr. Henk Lingeman    1 day   2017-06-17   Amsterdam    pdf
  Subjects Covered: The basic principles and the applications of Enzymology and Immunology in Clinical Chemistry will be discussed and related to their diagnostic purpose.  
  BioMarker Day   MSc+   Prof. Dr. Rainer Bischoff 
  1 day   2017-01 expected   Groningen    pdf
  Subjects Covered: Biomarker R&D, data processing and statistical analysis, protein identification by MS/Ms