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msc plus program coastThe MSc+ Program is part of the "Topsector Chemiebeurzenprogramma" and is intended for excellent and enthusiastic students who follow an analytical-sciences oriented “track” within an accredited MSc program at a Dutch University.

Within the university program the student should follow a number of specified courses, viz. on Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and Chemometrics. The student is expected to spend one academic year on projects in laboratories of COAST participants.

COAST will offer additional courses during the summer (early July and late August, two per year) and on Saturdays (approx. 1 Saturday per month). Subjects include NMR Spectroscopy, Analysis of Solids and Surfaces, Microscopy and Imaging and Multi-dimensional Separations.

The MSc+ program has been instigated by industrial leaders. Employers are in great need of analytical scientists with the knowledge and experience that we provide. The MSc+ gives you intensive exposure to the best current practices and the latest technologies. Therefore the MSc+ program gives you outstanding career prospects. As a testimony of your unique knowledge and experience you will be awarded a COAST certificate upon completing the MSc+ program.

In addition to the extra education, the MSc+ student will obtain a COAST grant (approx. 5000 €/yr). 

For detailed information and application instructions, please download the brochure from the bottom of this page.

Application procedure

In 2020/2021 up to 10 students will be admitted to the MSc+ Program. 

The next selection will be in January 2021. Applications must be submitted by Friday, January 15th 2021. Applicants are asked to submit a CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter of the BSc program, a copy of their BSc thesis (summary), a grade overview of the Bsc, and the MSc education plan.
PLEASE NOTE the interviews will take digitally place on January 21st and if needed on Januay 20th.
COAST and company representatives will select applicants. 

Click here if you want to apply for the MSc+ program 2020-2021.

More information and questions

Link to quotes from MSc+ students.

Please submit your questions to [email protected] and mention MSc+ in the first few words of the text.

Download the MSc+ leaflet here