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Fleur van Beek wins COAST poster prize at CHAINS 2016

During a festive ceremony at CHAINS 2016 Fleur van Beek, a PhD student within the COAST R&D-project MAnIAC at the University of Amsterdam and a COAST MSc+ alumna was awarded the COAST poster prize for Best Analytical Poster.

During the poster sessions, the posters were judged on attractiveness, clarity and quality of the research and results, as well as on oral presentation. Fleur van Beek presented her poster to jury member Arjan Mank (Philips Innovation Services) who especially appreciated the interactive element in the poster. The poster was innovative and original, and the interactive element encouraged a dialogue about the research and a discussion on the possibilities. Fleur was also praised for her enthusiasm and clarity when explaining the MAnIAC concept to her audience.

Fleur hopes that students and researchers alike are inspired by her poster and by the prize, which celebrates creativity. She noted that: “Although posters are very personal creations I really hope that people will dare to be more creative and veer away from the standard poster templates in order to make conferences and poster sessions more fun and interactive.”. She relishes the thought that, rather than creating the feeling that people are forced to talk scientifically, poster sessions may prompt collaborative thinking by creating an atmosphere in which people are inspired by each other.

The COAST project MAnIAC ("Making Analytically Incompatible Approaches Compatible") aims to provide a platform for the coupling of analytical approaches, where users can interchange various modules to suit the analysis of their specific samples. In the poster, you can configure your own analytical concept, using the MAnIAC platform, by moving around the magnetic modules Fleur created for her poster.

DSM, Heineken, Micronit and Shell are the private partners in the MANIAC project. Besides the University of Amsterdam, also the Free University in Amsterdam, the Radboud University Nijmegen, and the University of Groningen participate in the project.

We congratulate Fleur with this prize and hope that, since she just started her PhD in April this year, this marks the beginning of a successful career!


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